How to get perfect marketing data in 10 minutes...
so you can achieve better marketing results.
"Let me show you the 3 frameworks I use - Absolutely Free!"
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Wednesday, Oct. 12th

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Zach Randall

Veteran Digital Marketer
Creator of ListenLayer
What You Will Learn On This Free Online Event
Framework #1
"How to automate marketing data you thought was impossible with ZERO effort."

Framework #2
"How to customize and distribute your marketing data without hiring a programmer, or becoming an expert."
Framework #3
"How our simple planning process can save hours of implementation time."

Welcome to PERFECT Data...

What a *BOLD* claim to make... perfect is a pretty strong word.

If you're like most marketers, you realize that building (and maintaining) a good measurement strategy is nearly IMPOSSIBLE!

We're constantly hit by new problems (and roadblocks) that keep us from succeeding... (have you heard of GA4 yet... ha!)

Your data needs to be consistent and reliable, but distributed to all your platforms. 

You spend hours fooling with Google Tag Manager, configuring GA4, Facebook tracking...

And yet there are things you still can't track correctly or consistently - let alone *across platforms*

Maybe you're a measurement pro, and your data is excellent! But when you take on a new client, it takes you weeks to clean things up... when it should take less than an hour!

Your goal is to increase marketing ROIs and prove results... to improve conversions rates and advertising returns. 
       ...stop spending your days chasing data...
It's time to ditch what you tried before, and go with something completely new... something that works!

Having better data is the key to achieve better marketing outcomes. [PERIOD]

Once you realize how easy it is, you'll wonder how you never discovered it before. 
I'm inviting you to this FREE, 60-minute, online event because I've been in your shoes... and now I have the answer.
  •   I know what it's like to spend countless hours trying to get something to track correctly....
  •   I know what it's like to discover that my conversion tracking has been broken for a long time...
  • ​  I know what it's like to explain to a client why their data is inaccurate...
  • ​  I know what it's like to get my team (or even myself) to understand GTM...